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Dads & Daughters is back!

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After a hugely successful program in term 3, Dads & Daughters is back for Term 4!

When: Wednesday’s 12th October – 7th December

Where: Alexandria Basketball Stadium
53-57 Maddox Street, Alexandria NSW 2015

Time: 5:00pm-6:30pm

Cost: $125

How do I register? Click here

What is Dads & Daughters?

The Daughters & Dads program is aimed at young girls aged 5-12-years-old and who are new to basketball. 

Daughters & Dads Basketball has been designed to address barriers to girls’ participation in basketball by providing:

  • Intensive coaching and skills practice for girls with dads as their ‘personal’ coaches.
  • Girls with the knowledge of the game.
  • Fathers with key parenting and coaching skills to improve their daughters’ skills and engagement in basketball.
  • An evidence-based program that targets girls’ social-emotional skills (e.g., resilience, persistence, bravery).
  • Strategies to empower girls to be aware of gender prejudice and overcome barriers using critical thinking and the support of their dads.
  • An innovative home program that targets social-emotional skills, father-daughter bonding, basketball skills practice and a host of engaging and educational basketball-related activities.

Daughters & Dads Basketball is a 9-week program connecting dads with their daughters as they learn about the game of basketball. The program consists of an initial 2-hour dads-only session, educating fathers about the unique and powerful influence of fathers on their daughters and providing positive parenting strategies and quality coaching skills to improve their daughters’ basketball knowledge, skills, and engagement.  Fathers also learn about the culture of gender prejudice that exists in many aspects of their daughters’ lives and how they can address this by becoming positive gender equity advocates and improve their daughters’ confidence to play.

Fathers and daughters then attend 8 x 90-minute weekly sessions, made up of 30 minutes of education and 60 minutes of practical activity. Education sessions focus on developing daughters understanding of the game of basketball and basketball skills while also targeting key social-emotional skills. Practical sessions focus on key areas such as: rough and tumble play; ball handling, shooting and finishing skill development; offensive and defensive play; and modified games. A home program provides further opportunities to reinforce the program content and practice basketball skills at home.

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