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Scoretable & Statistics


In basketball, it is the scoretable officials that keep the score and time.  In local competitions, it may be done by parents, or even the teams themselves.  However, in higher grades, specialised scoretable officials will perform the roles.

In local level games, there are 2 scoretable positions:

  • Scorer (scoresheet)
  • Timekeeper (scoreboard)

In higher level games, there are 5 specific scoretable positions:

  • Chairperson: Ensure the smooth operation on the scoretable and communicates with the referees.
  • Scorer: Completes the scoresheet.
  • Assistant Scorer: This position is not always required but when present will assist with operating the scoreboard.
  • Timekeeper: Operate the game clock and in most situations also operate the scoreboard.
  • 24-second shot clock operator: Operate the shot clock by stopping and resetting according to the rules.

Scoretable officials work as a team with the referees to maintain the scoring and timekeeping of the game.

Attached below is a small video on the basics of scoring a basketball game:

The scoretable officials keep track of two main statistics are the score and fouls. However, there are many other aspects of the game that can be recorded, and which add great interest an excitement for the fans and also for the players.  These additional statistics also help coaches to review the performance of their teams.

The role of the statistician is to record all aspects of the game, which is now usually done on a computer, tablet or smartphone or manually with a paper template.

Full statistics are not taken in most local competitions but they are in more elite competitions.

The effective recording of statistics usually requires at least two people. One to “call” the game by commentating every event which requires statistical recording and the other to “record” the game by making the statistical entries and following the caller’s instructions.

If you are interested in getting involved in scoretable or statistics please email Alex Cantori at

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