May 2021 Update Biosafety Plan for City of Sydney Basketball Association

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As per NSW Government advice, from 5pm today until Monday 10th May, everyone not actively involved in a basketball game will be required to wear a mask at all venues. As always, please maintain a social distance.

(Updated 6th May 2021, 2:12pm)


Comets Stadium Maximum Capacity – 500 people (2 square meter rule)

CSBA currently has no Covid-19 related spectator limit for most activities.  Everyone attending CSBA activities are required to adhere to the following:

  • Service NSW QR code: EVERYONE must sign in upon entry at every venue using the Service NSW QR code provided.
  • Sanitise: Visitors must sanitise upon entry.
  • Social Distance: People not actively involved in a game must keep a social distance of 1.5 meters.
  • PPRC: Spectators attending PPRC will only be permitted to enter the stadium at the start of the game or training and must leave immediately at the conclusion of the event.


Spectators are not yet permitted to attend Representative Trainings at any venue.


This plan may be updated accordingly as more information becomes available.



We would like to thank everyone for your cooperation.






Ben Osborne

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