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Championship men’s player Indiana Faithfull has come up with a skills workout for you to stay on top of your game whilst at home. Introducing Indi’s “Stay at home” ball handling workout. This is how it works.


This is a daily challenge where all you need is a ball. Your goal is to complete the entire workout in under twelve minutes.

8 Ball-Handling Exercises – 5 Push-ups in-between each exercise – Complete the entire series 2x through

1. Waist Wraps – X10 each way

–          X5 Push-ups

2. Full Body Wraps (head-waist-legs = 1 rep) – X10 each way

–          X5 Push-ups

3. Single Leg Wrap – X10 each way / each Leg

–          X5 Push-ups

4. Double Leg – Single Leg Wraps (double leg – right leg – double leg – left leg = 1 rep) – X10 each way

–          X5 Push-ups

5. Figure 8 Wraps (entire figure 8 = 1 rep) – X10 each way

–          X5 Push-ups

6. Straddle Flip (over and back = 1 rep) – X10 reps

–          X5 Push-ups

7. Blur (over and back = 1 rep) – X10 reps

–          X5 Push-ups

8. Spider Dribble (right-left in front-right left behind = 1 rep) – X10 reps

–          X5 Push-ups

Repeat entire Series 2X through


– Goal is to complete the entire workout in under 12 minutes

– This workout is designed to really fatigue your arms which will help you develop speed, control and stamina within extreme conditions – make sure you push yourself

– If full body push-ups are too hard, do them on your knees and build up to them over time!

– Some/Most of these drills may seem very challenging to start with; don’t worry, stay positive and keep at it. Over time, as you develop your handling, you will have more control and they will get easier.

 While doing these drills, push yourself! Do them as hard and as quickly as you can until you lose control and make a mistake. MISTAKES ARE GREAT!


For your reference, Indi has also created a video which goes through the entire ball-handling workout series.


 To keep track of your progress fill out the form below and the time it took you to complete the challenge.

From this information we are going to create a weekly leaderboard of the results and the top ten timed scores.

So go get a ball in your hands and let’s go!


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