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After many months sitting at home twiddling our thumbs wondering “when will basketball be back?” We have managed to recommence and complete a shortened junior season. Before recognising the on the court efforts of our teams it is very important that we acknowledge Ryan and his staff at Marrickville PCYC, Daniel & Brian and their staff at PPRC and all staff at Comets Stadium. Without their dilegence this competition would not have been successful.

To our weekend CSBA staff, Sachin, Wayne, Bree, Elliot & Jordan plus the many referees that walk through the door each and every weekend. Thank you for all that you do to keep this game that we love rolling.

Our 2021-3 Champions

Division Girls Boys
U10s Gold All Blacks Inner City Clippers
U10s Green N/A Inner City Storm
U12s Division 1 All Blacks Accelerate Warriors Navy
U12s Divison 2 N/A All Blacks
U12s Division 3 N/A Botany Warriors
U12s Division 4 N/A Inner City Rebels
U14s Division 1 Inner City Scorpians Newtown Pythons
U14s Division 2 KHY Astronauts Newtown Gullivers
U14s Division 3 N/A KHY Astronauts
U14s Divison 4 N/A LA Panthers
U16s Division 1 Inner City Allstars Inner City Heat
U16s Division 2 Coogee Crystals Raiders
U16s Division 3 N/A Air Ballers
U16s Division 4 N/A Newtown Gryphons
U18s Division 1 MVP Huskies Maccabi Blazers
U18s Division 2 CYS Inner City Mavericks
U18s Division 3 N/A Big Dream

SupaCenta Moore Park